I feel guilty about suing my boss. What should I do?

Whether to sue or not to sue is a very personal decision. Litigation can be difficult, stressful, time-consuming. Before you endeavor to sue anybody, you should really sit down with your attorney and to make sure that you have a valid claim, that you can overcome any possible defenses, that you prepared for the demands of the litigation and what is expected of you, and that you understand the risk of the litigation. However, if all of those factors are in place, you should not hold back from suing just because you’re feeling guilty. Employment laws exist in order to protect employees and job candidates and if your employer violated those laws, sometimes bringing a lawsuit can be the only option, or at least your best option. Of course it’s better to resolve things out of court and compromise and work things out, but it’s not always feasible. So if you’ve exhausted other options or you don’t think other options are feasible, don’t feel bad. If you have a valid claim, you should sue.