What happens after I file a claim with the EEOC or with my local state anti-discrimination agency?

When you file your claim with the EOC or your local Fair Employment Practices Agency, the agency will commence its investigation. It may request position statements. It may also request additional documents and information. An investigator will be assigned and you will always be able to track the status of your case online.

The EOC may also select your case for a mediation, and we strongly recommend that you participate in the mediation process because it’s free, confidential, fair and partial, and it saves time and money. Once the EOC has completed its investigation, it’s going to issue what’s called a Right to Sue letter which gives an opportunity then to file your lawsuit in court.

In some cases the EOC will also make a finding that the discrimination did in fact occur, and in that case the EOC will invite the parties to participate in the conciliation process.